• No hard disc driven IPC can work more stable and easily upgraded and maintained.
    • Gigabit fiber communication brings fast response, so that the reaction time is greatly reduced and the loss is minimized.
    • Industrial light force keyboard will have a longer life and adjust the environment better.
    • DSP technology slave controller can seek the color mark automatically.The ablity of self-shield and strong anti-jamming lets the system work without the master independently.
    • The function of First Mark Tracking ensures the principle of unique datum, which can eliminate cumulative error. When the system reboots or changes its materials, this function can reduce the register time a lot and make much less waste.
    • The function of Mark-Less tracking makes more quality.
    • The function of pre-setting helps you to minimize waste by correcting register errors automatically.
    • Friendly user interface and parameters with auto-learning function changes press conditions automatically in order to make set-up more easily and quickly for the operator.


Register Controller-Slave

  1. DSP technology slave controller.
  2. Automatic color mark search and visual display of results.
  3. Aluminum alloy shielding case and high anti-jamming ability.
  4. Concise operation button and quick error adjustment.
  5. Easy operation and better understanding.
  6. Work independently without the master.



100% digital signal processing technology

  1. Image collection: high sensitive digital sensor
    ——Stable image signal and vivid color
  2. Image data transmission: Gigabit fiber communications and high anti-jamming ability
  3. Image processing: innovative digital image process technology, integration multi-image process technology ——Real-time processing of the High Definition (HD) images


Analog camera

Digital HD carmera



High Definition (HD) Image
3.0 mega pixels digital camera
Image resolution:2048*1536, NO insert true resolution:1024*768
Max. Field-of-visual 159*120 mm, color resolution 0.12 mm
Min. Field-of-visual 26.5*20 mm, color resolution 0.02 mm.
Giga bps fiber communication transfer signal to CPU without any data losing.
19〞---24〞HD  LCD Available.
Double monitors for optional, rewinder side and operation station.

In fact, for color image detection,
The significative parameter is color resolution.
The similar products image resolution: 752*752
No insert true resolution 376*286


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