• No hard disc driven IPC, more working stability, easy upgrade, maintenance free.
    • Giga bps fiber communication, fast response, shorten active time, maximal waste reduction.
    • Industrial light force electro conductive rubber operation keys, long operating life.
    • DSP technology slave controller, color mark auto-seek, self-shield, strong anti-jamming capability, able to work independently without the master
    • First Mark Tracking technique, insure only one measurement datum, eliminate cumulative error, especially when reboot and changing material can shorten the register time and reduce waste removal by 50%. (As compare to similar products)
    • Mark-Less tracking technique insures Quality Printing.
    • Pre-setting function helps you to minimize waste by automatically correcting register errors.
    • Friendly user interface and parameter auto-generation function, automatically changing press conditions, making set-up easy and quick for the operator


Register Controller-Slave

  1. DSP technology slave controller.
  2. Color mark auto-seek, real time result display.
  3. Shielded aluminum alloy case design, strong anti-jamming capability.
  4. Both directions error display and control.
  5. Easy operate, better understanding.
  6. Work independently without the master.



100% digital technology processing

    1. Image capture: high sensitive digital sensor
    2. Image signal stabilization and colors richness.
    3. Image data transfers: Giga bps fiber communications,

strong anti-jamming capability.

    Image process: innovative digital image process technoloty, integration multi-image process technology, real time to process the High Definition (HD) image and display


Analog camera

Digital HD carmera



High Definition (HD) Image
3.0 mega pixels digital camera
Image resolution:2048*1536, NO insert true resolution:1024*768
Max. Field-of-visual 159*120 mm, color resolution 0.12 mm
Min. Field-of-visual 26.5*20 mm, color resolution 0.02 mm.
Giga bps fiber communication transfer signal to CPU without any data losing.
19〞---24〞HD  LCD Available.
Double monitors for optional, rewinder side and operation station.

In fact, for color image detection,
The significative parameter is color resolution.
The similar products image resolution: 752*752
No insert true resolution 376*286


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