• 1993, auto color register control and inspection research project was set up in Shanghai University.
    • 1994, rotogravure register control theory and simulation model was established systematically.
    • 1995, we became a commercial gravure press computer provider.
    • 1997, we developed the local double-detector optical scanning head.
    • 1998, we achieved the function to seek color mark during waves and addressing automatically.
    • 1998, we achieved the function of first mark tracking which can mark less tracking.
    • 2001, we made the innovative web inspection system.
    • 2002, we made a 2-in-1 system which combined the register system and inspection monitor in one computer.
    • 2004, we developed shaft less press electric guide screw.
    • 2005, we launched the high-definition digital inspection system.


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